Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Happy-ness at Her Best

Happy Andrada

The first time I’ve heard about Happy Andrada was when she was still a student in La Salle International Manila because the school is very near where I used to work. Every time the school has a bazaar to sell the works of their students, I usually go with my officemates and there, I saw her name and works.

I’ve never thought the very first fashion show that I will be attending is hers – “Perya: A Whimsical Fashion Gala” which have happened two years ago when I was just starting in my new career. I was thinking that I know this girl and when I googled her name, I really did heard her name before. With the achievements she’s been getting through the years, I feel so lucky that I get to follow her every achievement and I adore her works.

Happy takes a bow in Perya: A Whimsical Fashion Gala

People say happiness comes to those who give their best and it’s true with Happy Andrada. Recently, Happy and three cutting edge artists were tapped by ANIMAX, a Singapore-based youth channel, to design exclusive limited edition tote bags. Happy’s tote bag adopted the witty wordplay of her own name which means “fun”. “I’M HAPPY, YOU’RE HAPPY, WE’RE ALL HAPPY”.

Even though Happy has a joyful name, she seriously takes her name as her drive to the things she do making sure that every design she makes is her masterpiece. For the background of the tote bag, Happy used the ‘star.’ A total of 11 stars are tattooed on Happy’s arm as a lucky charm. It’s obvious that the star is her personal favorite but this is not just because of this why she chose the ‘star.’ It was chosen because to symbolize the pinnacle of success which she wants to share to everyone who will be using the bag.

Because of all Happy’s hard work, her achievements to date have been so many. She was the country’s only representative for Korea’s International Fashion Art Event. She was also one of the finalists to Japan’s Fashion Design Competition and she was awarded as Go Negosyo’s Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur. Last February, Happy also won the grand prize in Swatch’s My Rabbit Story contest.

To top it all off, Happy is gaining a steady following of loyal customers who spread the word on how she helps them look their best. When her customers are happy, that makes Happy even happier.

Happy is going to be a part of The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011, happening this May 9-15 at the SMX Convention center. Happy displays her unique debutante and bridal collection, plus her many other creative designs and offers made to order outfits for any occasion at her store F*ART Fashion Art located in 24 J. Erestain cor. K-1st, Kamuning, Quezon City Visit F*ART website at or call 4127311 and 09175242779.

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