Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Spending Plans: 2011 First Payday Weekend

With the new designs of the Philippine Peso which came in before the new year, comes the first payday weekend of the year 2011.

Christmas 2010 was fun with all the gift-giving and reunion of family and friends but one cannot ignore the fact that it's expensive. Even though it's expensive, It feels good to be seeing all the people who I've made happy. Since January started, I've been holding on to my finances and striving to make it fit until the next payday arrives. Finally, the first 2011 payday weekend is here! What's more exciting, it is the end-of-season sale almost everywhere!

Here's the list of sales that I know so far:

- Supersale at the Rockwell Tent, January 14 - 16 from 10am - 9pm with selected items upto 70% off

- Bayo Blackout Sale until January 31

- Robinsons Malls All-Out Clearance Sale until January 31

- Eastwood Mall Sale, January 14 - 16

- Kashieca Sale at all stores with selected items upto 50% off

- Zara Sale at all stores

- Mango Sale at all stores

- Topshop Sale at all stores, January 14 - February 13 with selected items upto 50% off

- Marks & Spencer Sale at all stores upto January 26 with selected items upto 50% off

For those who do not want to regret buying something that they don't really need or want, I suggest go to the food section of Marks & Spencer. Check out the Christmas goodies on 20% off. It's going to be a good buy for something to munch during those stressed times at work. Some of them expires on April which is during the summer season for your summer getaway snack! Plus, the cute tin cans can be used to store your accessories.

My first 2011 salary will surely go to...

1. The bills I have to pay

If it's only possible not to use the cellphone, computer, light, aircon and electric fan these days, I would to save up my electricity bill but it's just an impossible task. Hey look, I'm blogging using a computer!

If it's only possible not to use a car, I won't be needing to pay for gas but I live in the south while my work is up north plus, having a car is really convenient. It's going to take me days to walk from home to work and vice versa.

Although water is given by God free to us, we need a system to filter out all the bacteria, dirt and other bad elements in our water so we have to pay the water bill.

2. The good food I'll be eating to reward myself for a job well done during the past two weeks

Photo taken by: Johan Sy of Studiyo

After gaining weight during the holidays, I started to cut down on my food intake. However, cutting on food intake does not mean starving myself or eating tasteless food. I enjoy dining out and I love to eat good food! Something I learned from a 40-something sexy mama which I'll be applying to my life starting this year, "Enjoy dining out by enjoying the ambiance and a small portion of a good dish. Dining out doesn't mean eating a lot. It means relaxing and being happy in the beautiful environment while having a little taste of good food."

She also said something which my mom have always told me that I always have to think I'm going back to that restaurant again so I can just order one small meal then stop right there.

3. The gym

To get rid of all those unwanted fats which I've gained during the last X years! Also, the most important reason: to be healthy.

4. A good massage

To relax my muscles and get rid of the after-holiday-stress. I want to go somewhere that gives a good massage, has a relaxing ambiance and not pricey. I don't want to spend luxuriously my first paycheck since it's the first this year. Any recommendations?

5. Savings.

Of course! I guess there's no further explanations needed for this. =)

6. Travel savings.

Photo taken by: Johan Sy of Studiyo

I love to travel! I must travel at least once a year to get away from all the everyday things that I do and learn something new. The experience I get from travelling is something which I don't get anywhere, not even from Discovery Travel and Living although, I love to watch that channel. I believe that one must be out there to know the world.

I wish that someday I want to travel with my loveones to all the must-go places around the world, swim in all the beautiful beaches there is even if we get super tan, watch all the must-see shows in Macau, Thailand, New York, San Francisco, LA and London, attend all the must-be-in festivals, take wonderful photos together to let the photos tell their own story and write a book about everything we've experienced as a guide for people who wants to travel to all those places with their love! (Pretty big ambition and expensive. *Sigh!*)

What I'm choosing to do with my first 2011 salary...

1. Buy a new pair of jeans


Yes, I need new jeans! I got fat during the holidays that some of my pants won't fit! It's so sad.:(

2. Buy a new dress


Something that will hide the flabs from the holidays and make me look stunning.

3. Watch a good movie at the theater.

I don't have an idea what to watch but then I haven't watch a movie for quite sometime. I think I need to watch one to know what's happening around and what people are talking about. I feel like an alien that I haven't watch a movie in a long time. A few months ago, people were talking about "Social Network" and I feel such a loser for not watching it. Oh well...there's DVD coming out anyway. But still, it's a completely vicarious experience being able to watch a movie in the theater.

What I wish I can do with my first 2011 salary...

1. See Janet Jackson Live in Manila at the PICC theater on February 4 and get to meet & greet her in person.

The tickets are really expensive. *Sniff!* I hope that I'll be able to go to the presscon. I'll be so happy to see her and hear her say something...anything!

2. Bring Madonna here in Manila to perform

Years ago, I was so excited when MTV Philippines announced that Madonna will be coming here but it didn't push through because of venue reasons. If I have the money, I will bring her here. I'm sure people are going to spend and watch her perform live. At her 50s, she's a legendary performer, a fashion icon and a model to all those mothers out there that you can be 50 and still be very fabulous! Whoever gets to read this and has the money, I think she's somebody worth investing to have a concert here!

3. Start a business that earns money even when I sleep *if there's really one*

Actually, I have so many spending plans but for now, I'm ending my list here or I'll be writing endlessly. Plus, it's the first payday weekend, I have to stop wanting something and focus on a few things first. There are luxurious things that I want but I'm not including them yet. I want to be realistic although my wishlist is not really but you know what I mean.

Whatever you buy on your first paycheck in 2011, remember to save a little for the rainy days! Enjoy the payday weekend! =D


  1. ang dami mong gagastusin! sana magkasing-laki tayo ng pera para sama ako sayo! LOL

  2. Haha!! Sira! Wala na ngang pera agad eh ndi ko pa natatapos un list. Hehe!:) Well... the concerts are my wishlist for people who might want to 'donate' me tickets to Janet's concert. For Madonna's, I can never afford it but it's a business idea for those concert producers.:)


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