Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Charice Live at Venice Piazza Aftermath

Charice Pempengco's concert at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill was held on July 16, 2010, 8pm. I went there together with my colleague, Omar Itay to experience the very talented young girl who have conquered Youtube and the different foreign shows in which she appeared on.

The first song Charice sang. Video taken by Omar Itay.

As expected, Charice is a very good performer and I was impressed of her performance that day. No wonder she was able to wow the different nationalities in her appearances on TV shows abroad. Her voice really has that power to give you positive goosebumps.

Charice sings Baby. Video taken by Joyfully Yours.

Out of the songs she sang, my favorites are her renditions of Halo, Just Dance and Baby. She even went down the stage and walked to the center of the aisle while singing Baby which made the audience crazy.

Charice singing Baby while walking on the center aisle.
I love her pink glittery microphone. It's so girly!

For her last song, Charice sang her album's carrier single, Pyramid. The audience were forming triangles with their hands while she was singing and they were also singing together with her.

During the intermission, the host interviewed Charice where she plugged David Foster is coming to Manila on October and she will be his special guest. She even gave a tribute of him in one of the videos presented in the show.

This concert was held a day before her botox session with Dr. Vicky Belo which she is currently denying after news of her botox session spread like a virus on the internet and local Philippine TV. She looks great here. I wonder what made her decide to undergo the botox treatment. Was it because it's free? Or is it because she's not confident with how she looks as she enters Glee Season 2?

In this picture above, one can clearly see the round face of Charice before she got it fixed. A lot of news say that the writers of Glee are going to have season two episode one of the script rewritten because it was about her round face. I actually find her round face charming. It's a pity that her insecurity has led her into making this decision. Anyhow, I hope that her careless decision won't affect her contract with Glee.

Oprah who handles Charice and is her godmother is very against cosmetic surgery. What does Oprah feel about this? Will she still promote that once little girl who appeared on her show? I have only one thing to say, "Good luck, Charice!"

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