Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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A Meeting at Merkato Cuisine

It has always been said that a good deal is made over good food. I truly felt its meaning today when my boss and I went to Merkato Cuisine for a lunch meeting today.

Merkato Cuisine is located at 55 Scout Santiago St. (corner Scout Rallos St.), Quezon City. Even though the location of the place might sound quite hidden from the busy streets along Tomas Morato area, it was surprisingly easy to find since it's really on the corner of Scout Santiago and Scout Rallos Streets unlike other places that gives you a corner blank street address but the place is not on the corner.

Outside, the place looks like a residential place. As you go in the gates, you'll see a plaque that says "Casa Pura" which is a small hotel on the upper floors of the restaurant. To the right where the big windows show the black chairs and glass tables lets you know that you're in the right place. As I go in the restaurant, the servers are very courteous. The ambiance of the place makes you feel in commune with nature because of the airbrushed leaf patterns on their walls and lampshade, the leaf patterns of the divider, the golden sun as their accent and also the big windows show the lush green plants on the garden outside. It feels like you were brought to Tagaytay in a flash.

Merkato's menu was very simple. It explains to you clearly what is in each and every dish.

For Appetizer, we got Vietnamese Spring Roll with Sweet Garlic Veloute.

Vietnamese Spring Roll with Sweet Garlic Veloute

The spring roll wrapper has the enough thickness and the veggies inside were a little crunchy. The vinagrette gives flavor to the veggies like a wrapped salad.

For main course, I got their Coconut-Crusted Fish with Coconut-Cumin Emulsion while my boss ordered for Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemon-Cilantro Pappardelle (their very own handmade pasta).

Coconut-Crusted Fish with Coconut-Cumin Emulsion

Grilled Tiger Prawns with Lemon-Cilantro Pappardelle

The Coconut-crusted Fish was crunchy outside but the coconut is still chewy. The fish inside is very juicy making the chewy coconut explodes its flavor all over. The coconut sauce with the mango salsa makes the fish more appetizing in every bite! The yellow rice has peanuts in it making it a little salty. Putting some rice and fish together gives a sweet, sour and salty blend that is satisfying.

For dessert, my boss and I shared a Sugarless Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cake. Although the chocolate cake was sugarless and flourless, it did not lose its sinfulness! Each and every bite was as comforting as a regular chocolate cake!

Sugarless Flourless Chocolate Walnut Cake

Merkato Cuisine has only been there for less than 1 year but I believe it has a big potential to become one of the hangout places where people meet, bond, date or just have a good meal. Before the meeting ended, I have already sworn that I'll definitely go back with my love, my family and my friends to try their other delectable dishes!

For more information about Merkato Cuisine, visit their website at


  1. wow!! that really looks good!! and the place too!!

  2. I can't wait to dine here soon.. Their dishes do look and sound yummy..


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