Sunday, January 10, 2010

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The Beginning of Joyfully Yours

I'm no perfect human, I'm no goddess, I'm no bitch but my eyes are wide open to everything that is happening around me. I love to travel, to go on food trips, to watch films, to party, to take pictures and videos, to shop, to do everything possible in this world which I consider as life's adventures. No matter what happens, I love life!

Life is one big adventure that no one can explain how wonderful each and everyday brings even if it can suck, it's still one hell of an adventure!

I'm joyfully alive, joyfully fun, joyfully in love with life! Join me as I give you all these great adventures of life. Everything to be blog right here by Joyfully Yours!


  1. mas ok na design ah. yung sa dati parang sobra noob ng dating eh. hehehe.

  2. onga mas maganda tong layout mo next mong iiinvade e mga blog events na. woohoo!


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