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Be Happy BICOL: A Road Trip to Naga City (Part 1 of 5)

Never in my life have I thought of going to Naga City for a vacation. Whenever the province of Bicol is mentioned, the only place in my mind is in Legaspi City where Mayon Volcano is. Unlike Legaspi City which carries the picturesque volcano, Naga City has its own charm waiting to be discovered.

Naga City was established in 1575 under Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Sande (it was then named Ciudad de Nueva Cáceres) and was the third Spanish Royal City next to Iloilo and Manila. It is Bicol region's busiest city being a center of trade, culture, religion (Our Lady of Peñafrancia can be found there), education and more.

To go to Naga City, just head over to Bicol Isarog Bus Station located in Cubao, EDSA (South Bound) which is in front of Farmer's Market.

This is the bus we took. Leaving Cubao at 9pm and reaching Bicol Central Station in Naga City at 6-6:30am. It's a 9 hour ride including traffic and the 2 stop overs.

There is a powder room inside this bus but I wasn't able to use it. I just dozed off the whole trip to Naga City since it was dark outside.
This is the interior.
Inside the bus are leather Lazy Boy seats. Since the bus driver closed all the lights (the only source of light was from the TV) during the whole trip, I wasn't able to get a photo of the seats but you get the picture here. Look at those huge seats!

Reaching Naga, it was 6am! The sun is up and if you're sleeping in the whole trip, you'll be waking up fresh! Since it was my first time in Naga City, I had this touristy, #iwokeuplikethis shot by my mom.
Bicol Central Station - Naga City
When in Naga City, home of our VP Leni Robredo, it's a MUST to go to Bigg's Diner in Magsaysay Avenue. It's the place where she used to date with her husband the late Jesse Robredo.
You'll see this big sign in Magsaysay Avenue.
Which leads to this store! Have a date here with your special someone for a long & lasting love.😉
Group photo with the other media from Manila and the COO of Bigg's Diner Adolf Aran, Jr. with his wife Alu.
(L-R) Bigg's Diner COO Adolf Aran, Jr., Joyfully Yours, Hefty Foodie Eugene Constantino, The Hungry Chef Nathaniel Uy, Malaya Newspaper's Edison Gonzales, Adobo Magazine's Troy Barrios, Cook Magazine's Marlon Aldenese and Roel Manipon.
Inside this branch of Bigg's Diner, give you a feel of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe (in Riverdale) where you can have your milkshake with burger, spaghetti and fried chicken! However, this place actually has more. Will write about it in my next blog so watch out for it! 😀
Look at all these vintage items on display!
This spot looks perfect for an OOTD. However, since this lady was there, I figured to take her photo instead and realized, it's also a good place for emo moments.☺️
The original Instagram!😃
As this entry being my first of out five entries on Naga, will just end it with my road trip back to Manila. You'll know how much I love Bigg's Diner because I just had to have a snack box on the road going back to Manila! It actually contains a tuna sandwich and fries.

Wasn't able to take a photo of the sandwich and fries because of my road trip buddy, my little dumpling.
She ate it! Hahaha! :D
You can see how comfy the seat of the Lazy Boy. Just remember to bring your favorite pillow/s and enjoy the sceneries!
I actually recommend travelling day time because of the scenic view. You won't feel the 9 hour ride just looking in amazement how beautiful the Philippines is!

Watch out for my next four entries about my road trip to Naga City! ☺️

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