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5 Stops at Cucina's Weekend Fiesta!

It's always amazing on how the weekend relaxes one's body, mind and soul but sometimes (maybe for me, it's a lot of times) the body, mind and soul want to be energize and excited with something out of the ordinary which one can only do on weekends!

With that in mind, I'm saying "Ola!" to Marco Polo Ortigas Manila's "Weekend Fiesta" in Cucina!

1st STOP: Seafood Station

The first thing I noticed in Cucina that first greeted us is their array of fresh seafood! There was a huge fresh tuna that was being carved by the chef for sashimi, grilling, baking or however you want it to be cooked!

Look at that big tuna! Can you see how clear its eye is? It's an indication of its freshness! Yummy!
Tuna sashimi
I was told by the server who accommodated us that Marco Polo Ortigas Manila is a part of the Sustainable Seafood Programme which a lot of local hotels are currently a part of. This means all the seafoods being offered were gotten from local fishermen to support their livelihood and of course, the fishermen are being paid with what's fair from their catch. What's available on the day that I ate may not be available when you go but rest assured that you'll have the freshest seafood of the day!
Fresh oysters
Elephant shell
Different fresh fishes that are ready to be grilled
Blue marlin, Maya-maya and Tuna Fillet
Tuna Skewers with chicken and pork skewers
Salmon sashimi
Kani salad maki - It's like California Maki with extra crabsticks and mayo topped with ebiko!
Tuna Ceviche
Freshly baked elephant shell with cheese, chopped garlic and butter! I requested for this lovely dish!
The elephant shells were cooked perfectly so you can still taste its inherent sweetness with the goodness of cheesy garlic butter. It's so good that how I wish I can just keep eating these!
I love this personal sized Seafood Paella! It's super good!
2nd STOP: The Carvings

What's a fiesta without meats, right? So bring in the meats!

The Rack of Ribeye Steak
I requested for the part where the bones are and had them grilled! They are actually the best part because the concentration of flavors are there!
Despite eating the meat on the bones, I just can't help to get attracted by this wonderful looking piece of meat!
I had a slice and it's heaven in a bite! Soft, juicy, warm and meaty good!
Lechon Kawali
Look at that crispy skin that invites a bite!
Crispy Pata
Yes, look at that bubbly skin that's like chicharon and good with lots of vinegar on it.
This is the real star of the carving! Say hello to crispy skin with soft, almost melting meat that's good even without sauce!
3rd STOP: Grilled Meats

Lechon Manok
I need rice with this! The meat is so flavorful and soft with hints of lemongrass, calamansi and good with liver sauce.
Inihaw na Liempo
It's my comfort food that's very familiar and a must eat because of its citrusy grilled taste! Soy sauce, vinegar & chopped garlic sauce, it's good!
I love how the other Filipino food were presented! It feels like I'm transported to a province that's having a fiesta!
Salted Eggs
I know this is not grilled meat but I love salted egg with rice and grilled meats! Don't you?
I'm so glad they have this as part of the buffet spread!
4th STOP: Noodle Station

This is the Asian Noodle Area with Vietnamese Pho and Egg Noodle for you to choose from.
Here's the array of pasta!
Focus on the Squid Ink Pasta. It's actually very tasty with marinara seafood sauce but I wasn't able to take a photo of my plate. Yes, I ate it right away! Ooopsss for that. It was THAT GOOD! So try it!
Truffle Mashed Potato
It's good as a side dish of the pasta. I know it's carb galore but as long as it's good, just go!
Boiled Marble Potatoes
Another favorite of mine with the pasta.
Well, it might look plain but it's also good when you have extra sauce on the plate! ;)
5th Stop: Dessert

It's a must to leave space for dessert! What I love about Cucina's desserts is they are very familiar comfort food that it's so difficult to say no to them even though you're full! Yes, it's that good and hits the spot of every sweet tooth.

Fruit Jalousie
Mango, custard on a bed of soft pastry.
Ice cream
Berries Cake

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Chocolate Crinkles
Chocolate Cake Pops with Chopped Pistachios
Caramelized Walnut Tart
Chocolate Tartlet
My avocado ice cream with an oatmeal raisin cookie!
What are you waiting for? Go ahead and say "Ola!" to Cucina's "Weekend Fiesta" with your friends or family! Fridays to Saturdays is P2,300 nett for lunch and P2,650 nett for dinner.

Diners can also opt to get their Iced Tea Buffet at P180 nett or a bottle of Fresh Juice of the day for P300 nett per bottle.

I tried their Apple and Carrot Juice which is not only healthy sounding but it's actually quite sweet. According to the server, the juices are sugar-free! Which means what I tasted is pure sweetness coming from the apple and carrot which is pure love! :)
Apple and Carrot Juice
Go ahead and call now for reservations or inquiries at (02) 720-7720.

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