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5 Strategic Eating Tips in Marriott Cafe

The newly revamped Marriott Cafe offers extensive choices on their different stations that will surely make any diner confused on what food to try so I'm listing down my tips on strategic eating at its buffet!

1. Have a warm bowl of soup.
Soup is light, nourishing and easily digestible. It's something which is very common for Asians like us that we take for granted. It is a starter that's easy to digest to relax your stomach before having all the must eat food that you will partake.

The Filipino station offers 2 types of hot soups that's literally hanging out for you!
You may request for Laksa from the noodle station that's amazingly creamy, spicy and flavorful with noodles, vegetables, shrimp, fish and clams.
Freshly made Mushroom Soup that brings alive childhood memories is also available. Don't forget to pair it with Garlic Bread and it will transport you instantly to your childhood!

2. Get some appetizers
Jumpstart your meal with sumptuous appetizers to further extend your eating capacity.

Aside from soup, the Filipino station also offers all-time Filipino street food favorites that is a lot cleaner than street food but with the same flavor so all you need is to just get it and enjoy!
Tokneneng (Deep fried quail eggs in orange batter)
Chicharong Bulaklak (Deep fried pork innards)
The Filipino classic appetizers are offered too!
Lato Salad (Sea Grapes Salad)
Tanigue Kinilaw
(Raw tanigue fish in vinegar with lots of ginger, onions and bell pepper)
Tokwa't Baboy
(Deep fried pork belly with tofu, tomatoes, onions, chili and bell pepper in soy sauce & vinegar mixture)
There is a Ham & Cheese station that offers really nice selections of ham and cheese. It would be perfect with a good glass of wine. Marriott Cafe offers wonderful wine selections so just ask the server if you'd like to pair your ham and cheese with it.
The Japanese station offers a wonderful sashimi selection with unique sushi creations that will let you salivate for more!
Tamasa Sushi
(Tamago, Asparagus, Raw Salmon on top of vinegared sushi rice)
(L-R) Salmon sashimi, futomaki, tamasa sushi, unagi sushi wrapped in nori and ebi tempura.
Only a few places offer Salmon Gravlax since the salmon for the gravlax must be very fresh so I was extremely excited when I saw it in the buffet selections! It was amazingly good so get it when you see it!
Salmon Gravlax
3. Go to the seafood station
Enjoy the sustainable seafood collection that promises all the seafood offered are fresh and sourced from local fishermen. Isn't that wonderful? You get to enjoy fresh seafood and help out the local fishermen as well! It's one of Marriott Hotel's CSR which I believe we must support. Aside from the reason that it helps local fishermen, it will also grow the country's fishing industry.
Clap, clap, clap!!! For yummy seafood and at the same time supporting the local industry.
(Top to bottom) Rock lobsters, mangrove clams, shrimps and oysters
There is also a prawn station where you can choose your own prawns and ask the chef to cook the prawn the way you like it! I asked the chef what was his most difficult request and he said that it's prawns thermidor. Anyway, if you have nothing in mind, there are sauces in front of the fresh prawns for you to choose from to make your choices easier.
I had prawns in herb butter with lemon sauce.
4. Time to hit the main course!
For Muslims, there is a Halal station to make sure what you're eating is ok!
I actually found some good choices at the Halal Station.
The Pan Fried Sea Bass with Lemon Dill Sauce has very crispy skin and soft melt in your mouth meat that has a note of lemon.
The Beef Goulash has a very strong flavor but the meat is soft and tender.
Pan fried sea bass with lemon dill sauce
Beef Goulash
Pasta lovers can head over to the pasta station and let the chef prepare a special pasta dish for you! If you have an idea with what you want, just say it and it will come alive!
The pasta station
Japanese assorted tempura are made fresh in the Japanese station. They cook the tempura in small batches to make sure that it's still hot when guests get it.
My favorite part in Marriott Cafe is their US Prime Ribeye Steak where you can have the steak cut thinly or thickly (depending on your preference), have it grill according to the doneness you like. There are also sauces for you to choose from to smother your steak with. In a lot of buffet, the steak is usually the worse part of the buffet but hats off to Marriott Cafe because their steak is juicy, flavorful and really really soft! I heard that the steak being served is the same type of steak they serve in Cru Steakhouse (the steakhouse of Marriott Hotel Manila)! It's amazing!
Look at that piece of beauty!
My plate.
(L-R) Chicken roulade, medium steak with horseradish & mustard on the side, pan fried sea bass with lemon dill sauce, tiger prawn with cilantro pesto sauce and salmon gravlax with dill mustard sauce, capers and applesauce on the side. 
5. Unwind with dessert
Must I say it's the best part of any meal? I suggest before having all the pastries, ice cream and other sweets, to eat the fresh fruits first. That way, you can still taste the sweetness of the fruits. It also washes the palate to prepare you for all the heavenly sweetness your tongue wants to taste!
The wide array of fruit selections: kiwi, pineapple, caimito, orange, red apples, green apples and dragon fruit.
Gelato toppings and syrups
I love that they have sugar free gelato and cakes for those who would like to cut down on sweets which I think is very considerate of them.
Sugar free mango cheesecake
Their halo-halo station also looks very exciting! Almost all the ingredients are in the mason jar, all you need is to put crushed ice, request for your choice of gelato on top, add milk and syrup according to your liking.
There is also a crepe station where you get to choose on how you want your crepe to be: plain, with fruits, sweet or savory!
My dessert choices.
(L-R) Orange, kiwi, chocolate cake, sugar free cheesecake, chocolate creme brulee and mango sans rival.
If I have made your mouth salivate with all these yummy goodness, I have good news for you! Marriott Cafe is selling buffet coupons for PhP1,100 nett that can be used for lunch or dinner at any day until June 2016! The buffet coupons can be used for your life's celebrations except on Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. What a good catch, right? So call (632)998-9990 for inquiries or reservations.

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