Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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A Fun Indoor Picnic

Stuck in traffic at Ortigas Avenue on a rainy day, my fiancé and I stopped at this dainty looking restaurant in Ronac Art Center.
Flowers in a Perrier bottle turned flower vase together with the hot sauce, salt and pepper shakers and utensils.
Board games to kill time.
Simple white pepper mill.
It feels like I'm in an indoor garden with all the brown, green and white colors of the restaurant. The one long table concept is actually quite a space saver yet it offers the fun feeling of relaxation like the long tables of parks that are ready for picnic-goers.  Good thing Lunchbox uses chairs with back rest and not the bench that comes in with this type of table which makes the setting more comfortable.
Wooden walls and floors with one long table. The wooden chairs are custom made too.
Love the recycled wine bottle used and decorated as a water bottle.
Cute Knitted Coaster
The Menu
Being a comfortable setting, the menu offers comfort food just fit for the setting like breakfast meals, savory sandwiches, delish soup and more. There's no need for photos to show how the food looks like because everything is just so familiar!

The Food
I started the meal with a bowl of soup since it was raining and I wanted to make myself feel warm. The bowl of soup is actually quite big and can serve two but since I love a good bowl of French Onion Soup, I have finished the whole bowl. *Don't judge me! I just love good food! Don't you? =D*
French Onion Soup
Loving the indoor picnic setting, my fiance and I ordered sandwiches! We were actually surprised that they offer sandwiches which we've only seen on the west side of the globe! Without a second thought, we ordered these special sandwiches which we've been craving for such a long time!

It's the first time my fiance saw a Reuben Sandwich being offered in Manila. When he ordered it, he hoped that it will come out just like how he saw it during his trips.
Reuben Sandwich with Potato Chips and Ginger Carrot Soup
Can't help myself take a bite to try how it tastes like! It brings back memories of my trips back to the west side of the globe on how good sandwiches were in that side of the globe! I love the fact that the sauerkraut wasn't toned down in taste and brings out the juicy flavor of the meat in the sandwich.

My order was a Pastrami Sandwich. I've seen some pastrami sandwiches being offered by some restaurants that has only disappointed me. However, Lunchbox's pastrami is different! The meat is thick, juicy and peppery. The mustard on it just makes the pastrami very flavorful and every bite longs for more bite!
Pastrami Sandwich
I have missed out the part on the menu that says the sandwiches comes with home made potato chips and soup however, I still like it since everything just tastes so good! I also like how sandwiches were presented on a tray which is quite neat.
Pastrami Sandwich
Home Made Potato Chips (Lunchbox also offers bottomless potato chips on their menu.)
Soup of the Day (Ginger Carrot Soup)
After the almost filling meal and being so happy with having an indoor picnic during a rainy day, my fiance and I stayed to try their Chocolate Souffle. I've never had souffle before so I'm quite excited to know how it tastes like. The owner who is also the chef told us that the souffle takes about 30 minutes to prepare because she does everything from scratch and hand made.

Well...Since we're happy with the food we've tried, we decided to go with the order and just chill & relax while waiting. For me, it's my time to take more photos of the lovely place!
When the Chocolate Souffle came out, it felt like Christmas morning! It was a huge, bubbly chocolate in a red and white bowl!
Chocolate Souffle
I'm glad that we had a long wait before dessert so that much of what we've eaten have digested a bit ready to finish this yummy delight!
Time to dig in!
Crusty Outside, Moist Inside
Really yummy!
Look at that runny middle part that oozes out when I scoop it!
Alright, a better picture now! :)
If I have made you hungry, Lunchbox is just located at the ground floor of Ronac Art Center in Ortigas Avenue. It's along the stretch of Greenhills to San Juan area just before you reach the Petron gas station.
The short haired girl is the owner/chef of Lunchbox ready to whip out a delicious meal when you order!

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