Saturday, May 4, 2013

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Il Fiore Releases 2013 Spring Summer Collection

Fashion Blogger Rhea Bue of who has always been in love with floral headdresses. In a lot of her OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts, one can notice a lot of photos where she wears them.

One of Rhea's OOTD
Rhea is actually a registered nurse but her love for fashion has inspired her to write about it on her blog where she expresses herself freely.

Rhea with her RN ring
Through her blog, one can see her feminine sometimes playful sense of fashion that has made her grew followers in and out of the Philippines. Last April, Rhea joined "Bazaar for all Season" at Eton Centris where she started to make and sell floral headdresses.

Rhea selling her headdresses at the bazaar
It was because of this bazaar that Rhea has decided to come up with her floral headdress brand Il Fiore which recently has just launched their 2013 Spring Summer Collection!

According to Rhea, "For this collection, all (the) pieces represents good people I met along the way who eventually became close to me and became the treasures of my life. These girls have different characters. Thus, their character reflects the different designs produced for this collection."

Il Fiore 2013 Spring Summer collection
During our conversation, Rhea also added that each design is unique so it's really a statement piece for any outfit. One can be ensured that there's no other headdress that is the same! To see Il Fiore's 2013 Spring Summer Collection, check out


  1. Dorothyyyy :) I'm so touched.. huhuhu..thank you so much for sharing Il Fiore's spring summer 2013 collection with your readers! :D xoxo

    1. You're welcome, Rhea! Glad you like it! Thanks for making a floral headdress in my name. Too bad, I wasn't the one who bought it but happy that someone love it! More power to Il Fiore! :)


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