Friday, August 10, 2012

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E-Day for Emergency Day last August 7! It was a tragic day here in the Philippines where the monsoon rain have been pouring non-stop for almost 24 hours and there was still heavy raining that lasted until August 8.

I still took the courage to go to work in those days since work is quite near my place however, what I wasn't able to keep in mind is the floods on the road that will greet me. Since I was in a hurry to go to work, I didn't take photos of the floods however, it was scary. I was just following the cars in front of me to get to work and I got to work safely.

Since my work depends on being online, I can't help but see all these flood-stricken places on Facebook!

Inside a Marikina House
(Photo by: Ayam Barredo Eckstein)

Marikina Top View
(Photo from Jennie Feliciano)

Araneta Ave., Q.C.
Lagusnilad which is in front of Manila City Hall
Lucky Chinatown in Binondo
Even if the sun is happily shining now, I hope that whatever happened last week will not happen again. There are so many lessons already. Hope everyone starts to throw their trash in the proper places.

If you're one of the fortunate ones who is saved from the floods, take time to clean your closet and give out some for the victims.

The Camerawalls
(Clementine, George Carillo, Law Santiago and Bach Rudica)
The Camerawalls who released their latest single "Wanderlust" last August 8 is donating 75% of their digital sales for the months of August and September for the victims of the monsoon. They're doing this because even their guitarist, George Carillo, is a victim of the terrible flood that damaged his home and took the life of his pet. For more details, check out

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