Sunday, June 12, 2011

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My Eye

Since March, a sty has been bothering my left eye. It is not obvious when you look into my eye because the sty is quite hidden in my eyelid but when touched, there's a bubble-like thing inside my eyelid.

From the size of a peanut, the sty reduced to mung bean size in a long span of three months. What I did was putting warm compress three times a day and for the past month, I've been using Tobrex which was prescribed by an eye doctor. However, the sty did not disappear which made me really worried that I might have to undergo incision of my eyelid to drain the pus of my sty.

This problem has been re-occuring back when I was in college. It started after I got my course card during my first Fotocam. I failed my photography class and it was so hard accepting it because I've poured my heart out for this subject. I cannot understand why can someone fail photography. I was not able to stop myself from crying after seeing my course card with my contact lens on. After that day, I got a sty which did not subside until the eye doctor made an incision to drain the pus then another came out then back to the eye doctor who made another incision and another came out. There was a total of eight times that the sty came out with the eye doctor making an incision and the he kept telling me to practice proper hygiene and avoid dust but no matter how careful I am, another one still came out which made him inject something on my eyelid.

Since the very painful injection, I did not get any sty for years until last year when I had another sty on my right eyelid. The good thing is that it subsided after putting on warm compress. This year, this sty on my left eye came out and for three months, it did not disappear which made me quite worried and afraid that I might have to undergo incision again so I finally changed my eye doctor for a second and third opinion.

The first time I went to an eye doctor this year was last month who prescribed Tobrex to me. The medicine helped reduce the size of the sty however, it did not disappear. The doctor told me that after two weeks if the sty did not disappear, my eyelid will be incised so I decided to look for another doctor.

A friend introduced me to a doctor whose name when I told my mom rang a bell. Fifteen years ago, she had a doctor with the same last name who might be this doctor's father. Then we found out that the father is still a practicing doctor after all these years. According to my mom, this doctor is the one who operated my late grandfather's cataract years ago so I felt at ease going to this doctor.

At first look, Dr. Cosme Naval looks quite old but do not under estimate his age. At 79, he still sees a lot of patients everyday and he remembers the cases of his patients clearly. When he looked at my eye, he told me that my left eyelid needs to be operated right away because I have a cyst. It was the first time that I've heard I have a cyst. I asked if I can just take any medicine or put on eye drops. He said that it's because of the cyst on my eyelid that caused an infection because my body is fighting it. This infection turns into a sty every time I lack sleep, I'm stressed or ate something oily. After a moment of shock, I've decided to have it operated.

While I was being operated, Dr. Naval said that the cyst looks like it has been there for a very long time since it was deep and big. As he was saying this, memories of what have happened to me on that dreadful day back in college when I received my Fotocam course card. I think that somehow that sad event has caused this cyst. Don't get me wrong, I'm not angry with my professor but I'm really mad at what he did that caused this. I know that the dusts, finger prints, black and white must be back and white not gray, shadows, blur, out of focus, etc.. in the negatives or pictures which I've developed are the reasons why I failed. Behind it all, I really think I took some good pictures. I have some samples of the pictures I took during that class which I've loved over the years.

I hope that someday my professor realized what he has done to me and learns to become more considerate to his students who really work their hardest (skipping meals and sleep) to pass. I know that it's the skills we must learn during that class but with technology, I think what really matters in a photo is its subject's composition and the tension of the photo which tells a story.

A big thank you to Dr. Cosme Naval for discovering the cyst and removing it. I'm now recovering slowly. It still hurts when my left eyelid is touched and there's holes which I can feel on my fingertips but I hope it heals soon.

That's me with an eye patch taken on the day after my eyelid was operated.

If you're having the same eye trouble like mine or would like to have your eyes checked, Dr. Cosme Naval can be found in the following clinics:
- Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Suite 206, Medical Arts Building
Tues & Thurs 10AM - 1PM
727-0001 loc 2206

- Makati Eye Laser Center
Fort Palm Spring Condominium
Suite 7GH, 7/F, 1st Ave. cor. 30th St.
Fort Bonifacio, Global City.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10AM - 2PM

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