Monday, March 21, 2011

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Seriously Yummy

Yummy Roast opens its first store in Manila today!

This restaurant is made by the cooperation of Yum Roast International, Inc.'s President Richie Yang together with Singaporean-based food establishment The Asian Kitchen's CEO Cary Gee. Since The Asian Kitchen has a popular reputation of creating superb Asian cuisines in Singapore, this partnership will surely make the Filipino crowd enjoy authentic Asian food at its finest.

Mr. Richie Yang (Left) and Mr. Cary Gee (Right)

While waiting for our meal, the restaurant first served us refreshments called Longan Iced Tea. This new concept is quite interesting. I've eaten longan before but haven't had it as iced tea. Looking at the Longan Iced Tea, it looks really refreshing. A sip of it tasted like a gulaman sago concoction but with a little lychee taste. Even though the longan is soaked in iced tea, it's still chewy and quite flavorful.

I also noticed the words "Seriously Good Roast!" on their backdrop. So I was really excited to try the chicken out since it looks like they're really serious with roasting their chicken.

Yummy Roast offers a new kind of roast chicken with the Singaporean touch. At first look, the chicken looks like a regular roast duck but it's chicken! According to the creators of Yummy Roast, chicken is a lot healthier than duck since chicken has less fat and cholesterol.

Health conscious people should not be afriad of ordering their Yummy Chicken. According to Mr. Gee, "Health conscious people should order the Yummy Chicken because of the way it is roasted through our new technology." Digging inside the Yummy Chicken, I noticed that there's not much oil oozing out of the chicken but the meat of the chicken is juicy.

The flavorful taste of the meal can't be complete without their Yummy Rice. Why is the rice called as such? Their rice is cooked with different Asian spices, lemon grass and chicken essence. The meals are very affordable. At the price of P98, you get to enjoy Yummy Chicken, Yummy Pork Belly and Yummy Pork Asado with Yummy Rice. Just add P20 to get unlimited Yummy Rice or if you would like your rice plain (for healthier alternative), they have Fragrant Rice which I think is Jasmine Rice because of the smell and taste.

Aside from the above yummy dishes, they offer Zhajiang Noodles, which is a combination of ground pork in chili sauce on top of spaghetti noodles, and Tofu with Zhajiang Sauce. The tofu is crispy on the outside but soft in the inside. It is not salted nor peppered so dipping it on the Zhajiang Sauce gives it a tangy spice.

Their Yummy Pork can also be enjoyed during snack time with Pork Belly Pan de Pao which is "kwapao" or white bread that looks like the bread of "siopao" with cucumbers and mayo.

There is also Man Tou with Zhajiang Sauce.

What's more? Since they understand the need of on-the-go Filipinos to have their meal served fast, after you order on the counter, food is served in just 3 minutes!

This first Yummy Roast is located at 2/F Citywalk 2, Eastwood City.

Photo from Yummy Roast

Within the year, the company intends to open more branches with outlets in SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bicutan, Vito Cruz and SM Manila so watch out for it!

Yummy Roast Menu

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