Saturday, May 13, 2017

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Bull Outdoor Summer BBQ Feast

What is summer without BBQ and some fun under the sun? Boring, right?

When I was invited to attend Bull's Outdoor Summer BBQ Feast at Tagaytay Highlands, I gladly accepted the invitation. Despite the summer heat, it's always a good idea to swim and have BBQ on the side. Somehow, the aroma of BBQ on the hot summer air, gives more charm to the food that is ready to be feasted upon!

Roasted potatoes and look at those huge juicy squids!
Celebrity Chef Jessie Sincioco, who served Pope Francis when he visited 2 years ago, was selected to do a demo on how to use Bull Grill Carts and of course, did all the cooking! 
Bull Grill Carts may look a bit similar your regular stove with its burners & use of LPG, however, the possibilities of using this are endless. Accdg to Chef Jessie, it's very easy to use, versatile - not only grills but it can bake too like monster size steaks, cake or pizza and it's durable to be used outdoors.
So what can these grill carts serve? Take a look.
Fish, lamb chops & sausages.
Look at how nicely grilled these lamb chops are!

This is from a huge steak which was baked then sliced and grilled to medium for me. 
After all the feasting, I had the opportunity to have a photo op with Celebrity Chef Jessie Sincioco who I personally thanked for the sumptuous, mouth-watering feast!
For those who would love to have an outdoor BBQ Feast this summer, Bull Grill Carts are available in Wilcon Depot nationwide. For more details on Bull Grill Carts, you may check out A big thanks to Food Magazine for the invitation!

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