Thursday, May 29, 2014

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"Driven to Abstraction" Opens on June 6

In celebration of its 11th anniversary, Renaissance Art Gallery presents “Driven to Abstraction” featuring abstract artists: Max Balatbat, Bien Benitez, Benji Bisaya, Marco Coching, Arley Carig, Jane Ebarle, Fitz Herrera, Josef Laureano, Sio Montera, Cid Reyes, Aner Sebastian, Resty Tica and Valen Valero.

Artwork by Aner Sebastian
Artwork by Arley Carig
A highlight of the show are the works of master abstractionists such as National Artists Hernando R. Ocampo, Jose Joya and Arturo Luz, as well as Malang, Romulo Olazo, Gus Albor, Lao Lianben, and Nestor Vinluan.

Artwork by Arturo Luz
Artwork by Benjie Bisaya
Artwork by Bien Benitez
Artwork by Fitz Herrera
Through over a decade, Renaissance Art Gallery has built a reputation as a nurturing ground for emerging abstractionists. Its proprietors Noli and Agnes Romero have been committed to fostering the appreciation of a non-figurative idiom, especially in an art scene that predominantly favors representational paintings.
Artwork by Gus Albor
Artwork by HR Ocampo
Artwork by Jane Ebarle
Urban Beat by Jose Joya
Abstraction is an art in which “the depiction of real objects or nature has been subordinated or entirely discarded and whose aesthetic content is expressed in a formal pattern or structure of shapes, lines and colors.” It is also called non-representational or nonobjective a term first used by Russian abstractionist, Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944).
Artwork by Josef Laureano

Artwork by Lao Lianben
Artwork by Malang
Artwork by Marco Coching
Driven to Abstraction will have a special preview from June 6 to 8 (Friday to Sunday) and the opening cocktails is on June 9, 2014 – 6 p.m. at the ART CENTER, 4th Level, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. It runs until June 24, 2014.
Artwork by Max Balatbat
Through Red O by Nestor Vinluan
For further details of the exhibit, you may contact Renaissance Gallery  at 637-3101 or email
Temporary Garden in the Sky by Resty Tica
Artwork by Romulo Olazo
Artwork by Sio Montera
Artwork by Valen Valero
For more details, check out or click here to connect to their Facebook page. You can also follow them on Instagram @renaissanceartph.

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