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Sweet Charity Hits Manila

9 Works Theatrical is currently showing one of Broadway's most sensational spectacle and critically-acclaimed dance comedy musical "Sweet Charity" at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Makati. It was originally directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. Fosse also choreographed "Chicago" which was turned into a film on 2002 with Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere who starred in it.

The musical comes alive with the spirit of the 60's in a Manhattan night club. It is the story of Charity Hope Valentine, a very optimistic woman, who looks for the happily ever after type of love but always ends up with the wrong man. She is a bubbly dance hall dostess who has been used and dumped by a number of wrong man but she's not giving up to find the one. This year, coming back to the theater after "Legally Blonde," to play as Charity is Nikki Gil.

Nikki Gil with Kris Lawrence

Oscar Lindquist, the claustrophobic guy who Charity met in the elevator, is played by Kris Lawrence. Charity hopes that he will give the love that she has been longing for. This will be the first time that Kris is going to act on theater. According to some friends who have already watched the show, be very surprised on what he can do!

Nickie, one of Charity's closest confidantes at the Fandango Ballroom is played by Shiela Valderrama-Martinez. She was Julia at last year's "The Wedding Singer."

Shiela Valderrama-Martinez

Ciara Sotto comes back to play as Helene after playing Mimi in "Rent" last February. Helene is another close confidante of Charity.

Ciara Sotto

Sheree Bautista, another Mimi in last February's "Rent," comes back to play as Carmen - one of Charity's co-dancers at the Fandango Ballroom.

Sheree Bautista

The ladies of "Sweet Charity" performs "Hey Big Spender"

Herman, the owner of Fandango Ballroom which means he is Charity's boss, is played by Miguel Faustmann. Miguel is one of the most well-respected actors in Philippine theater. He has been in Repertory Philippines for over 20 years. He was the actor in one of my favorite play, "Duets" and lately, I learned that he played as the king in Repertory Philippine's "The Emperor's New Clothes" which was the first play that I've watched back when I was in elementary.
OJ Mariano also comes back after February's "Rent" to play two roles as Vittorio Vidal and Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck.

OJ Mariano with the girls

Other casts includes Angela Padilla (who plays as Ursala March the girlfriend of Vittorio), Job Bautista (who played as Angel, my favorite character, in February's "Rent"), Anthony Tarrosa Ong (who played as one of the goddess in Atlantis Productions' "Xanadu" last year), Caisa Borromeo, Chinie Nepomuceno, Vinia Pamplona, Carmelle Ros, Topper Fabregas, Francis Matheu, Peter Alcedo and Chai Relucio.

Artistic and production team is of course led by the director of this show, Robbie Guevara, and Santi Santamaria, the Executive Producer.

Robbie Guevara

Santi Santamaria

Lorenz Martinez, who played as Robbie Hart's bestfriend in "The Wedding Singer", is the Assistant Director of the show. Other members of the artistic and production team includes Joseph Tolentino as Musical Director - Pit Orchestra, Sweet Plantado as Musical Director - Vocals, Mio Infante as Scenographer, Martin Esteva as Lighting Designer, Mio Infante and Hanna De los Reyes as Costume Stylists and Designers, Dale Amon as Graphic Designer, Roy Macam as Photographer, Anna Santamaria (Santi's wife and a cast of "Noli Me Tangere") as the Company Manager, Toff de Venecia as Marketing and PR Director, Toots Tolentino as PR Consultant, Jonjon Martin as PR Manager, Carlos Canlas as HR Manager, Sunshine Domine as Production Manager and Aries Alcayaga as the Stage Manager.

Toots Tolentino

Toff De Venecia

"Sweet Charity" will be on stage until August 28, 2011. For ticket reservations, please log on to TicketWorld. For inquiries, contact 9 Works Theatrical or call (+632) 586.7105 or (+632) 557.5860.

Special thanks to Dusit Thani Manila for accommodating 9 Works Theatrical for the delicious lunch during the press conference last June.

The lunch menu and dessert of Dusit Thani Manila

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